Children and Young People

The Youth

Our youth ministry is probably the one area that has been most affected by Coivd-19 pandemic. Pre-pandemic, Ekkanisa y’oLuganda had a vibrant youth ministry which had got to a level where they could manage their affairs with very little guidance from the senior leadership team.

The senior leadership team are working hard to rebuild the Ekkanisa y’oLuganda Youth Ministry and are looking for people with passion and a calling in this area. Suggestions on how best we can do this are most welcome.

Sunday School

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, children made up to over 30% of the church congregation. During the pandemic we tried to run online Sunday school, but it wasn’t the same and as a result it was not well attended. Reduced attendance coupled with the uncertainty over reopening made it hard to continue with online Sunday school so unfortunately, we had to stop meaning that our children missed nearly 2 years of Sunday school!

Following the government’s lifting of the restriction, Ekkanisa y’oLuganda Sunday school restarted in January 2022 and it is encouraging to see that the number of children attending is increasing. It is pleasing to see a smile on these children’s faces again when they come to learn the word of God and meeting and interacting with their age groups. We thank you parents for bringing your children to Sunday school and encourage those who have not yet done so to bring the young ones to church.

Ekkanisa y’oLuganda

Kubanga we baba ababiri oba basatu nga bakuŋŋaanye mu linnya lyange, nange ndi awo wakati waabwe.
Matayo 18:20 LBR