Worship & Fellowship

Worship and Fellowship Teams

Worshiping and serving at Ekkanisa y’oLuganda is enriched by the involvement of each and every member of the congregation via their Worship and Fellowship teams – the four Gospel teams.
Every member of the congregation is encouraged to belong to one of the four teams:
  • John
  • Mark
  • Mathew or
  • Luke
Worship & Fellowship teams take turns to organise the Sunday services, this way, every member of the church gets a chance to serve the Lord. The aims of the teams set-up are:
  • To give opportunities for every member of the church to serve the lord
  • To create a sense of community and belonging
  • To fellowship and pray together in small groups
  • To offer spiritual, emotional and moral support to each other
  • etc.

Worship teams have been the cornerstone of Ekkanisa y’Oluganda’s growth. They have kept the cohesion of the church intact. Members contribute their time, money and in kind to make our church a joy to be part of. The system encourages participation of every church member, brings diversity and variety to mission and makes Sunday services varied and intuitive.

In addition to the Worship & Fellowship teams, the children, young people, women and men of the church also get a chance to fellowship together and to serve the Lord via their respective groups

“Uplifting worship and fellowship at Ekkanisa y'Oluganda. ”


Women's Fellowship Team

The group comprises of around 80 mothers and women. The group’s initial purpose was to meet regularly for bible studies but as time went on the group decided to venture into other areas that affect women and families. They started organising seminars aimed at strengthening families and mentoring our young generation and activities to empower and support each other.

The Women’s team runs the second Luganda Sunday service in March to commemorate International Women’s Day and Mothering Sunday.


Men's Fellowship Team

The fathers and men of Ekkanisa y’oLuganda have a flourishing organised fellowship comprising over 50 regular members. Members support each other spiritually and in times of need such as during bereavement.

They run the first Sunday service in June to mark Father’s Day and organise social events such as the Men’s/family days away, seminars; the most recent seminars covered subjects such as knife crime, improving relationships in Christian families, avoiding domestic violence and protecting and supporting families with emphasis on children and parent issues.


Ekkanisa y’oLuganda Choir

Since its inception, Ekkanisa y’oLuganda has maintained a highly dedicated and organised choir always led by people with strong music backgrounds, the very first choir master having been the renowned artist Diplock Segawa followed by Sarah Kibalama formerly of The Golden Gate Choir, Paul Ntwatwa - a recording Gospel artist and currently Soul Kafeero a great choir master. The choir does outreach work by visiting the community, other churches in the UK and abroad. The choir has taken part in outreach ministry in Manchester, Sweden, and Massachusetts USA. In 2018 EKL choir recorded and launched their first ever DVD/CD. This music is also available on Spotify to buy or listen to.

Ekkanisa y’oLuganda

"For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.”
Matthew 18:20